[accordion_item active=”yes” icon=”” title=”Community Grants and Partnerships:” accordion=”accordion”]Darlene McLellan – current EAFF President: “As the Arts Assistant for the Arts Office, you’re involved with the partnerships that have come about because of the Foundation and the Museum being in the building. Tell us about some of these partnership grants and that sort of thing.”
Kris Gillespie – City of Edmonds Arts Office: “Well, I think those have been really great experiences that give us all an opportunity to make what we do go a lot farther. Certainly we, as the Arts Commission, don’t have the funding usually or the capacity to do the kind of work that the Arts Festival – when we put our efforts together – the Arts Festival Foundation and all can lend to that process. So it’s been really worthwhile – the partnerships. I think they’ve touched a lot more people because of it.
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[accordion_item title=”Scholarship:” accordion=”accordion”]Peggy Jones – current EAFF Board Member: “Mostly I’d say that I’m proudest that I was involved in getting the endowment set up for scholarships. Scholarships have been very important to me as well as the rest of the people on the Foundation. I’ve been on that screening committee, dealing with the selection of the kids to win the scholarships.”
Terry Vehrs – current EAFF Board Member: “And the money we’ve spent giving back to the community is amazing. Recently, well you’re intimately involved, with the Edmonds Center for the Arts, but just all of our Public Art pieces that we’ve purchased and been a part of, then the scholarship programs that we’ve put into place. You know we saved to put money aside and we said, ‘Well, when it gets to this dollar, we won’t touch it.’ And then we kept raising that bar and now we’ve got a quite sizeable amount of money to put for scholarships and that sort of thing, so the community should be proud of what they put together.”
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[accordion_item title=”Visual Arts Idea Grants – Art for the K – 12 Classroom:” accordion=”accordion”]Darlene McLellan – current EAFF President: “So you worked with the Festival for years and then you were asked to be part of the Edmonds Arts Festival Museum? Or had it become a foundation?”
Marji Stiffler – current EAFF Treasurer: “It was right before it became the Foundation, and at that time, I was honored and very interested in working with it, because at that point, I focused my interest in working with young people and with teachers. Having been a teacher, and knowing how hard it was to get funding for different things and how you used your own money for things, I saw what they did as far as grants to the teachers – Educational Grants for incorporating arts in the classroom, the scholarship program and the community grants. That was the area that I was most interested in and was excited to be a part of that, and that’s where my focus has continued to be.”
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[accordion_item title=”Public Art:” accordion=”accordion”]Marji Stiffler – current EAFF Treasurer: “The Public Art is something that I’m—we all are proud of; everybody in this area should be proud of, because coming to the Festival, volunteering at the Festival, whatever—you’ve contributed to that Public Art. Everyone enjoys it and it’s a great statement that we’ve made. It’s something we’re all very proud of.”
Brian McIntosh – City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Director: “Well, you know we’ve got a wonderful waterfront and the downtown. And certainly the gifts that the Arts Festival Foundation has given over the years have just enhanced that. I think what people say to me about the waterfront, one thing that they like is that they like to wander it, but pieces that the Foundation has been involved in have been, you know, not just statues of Robert E. Lee or anything like that but they’ve been interesting. People like interesting art. You know not everyone goes in and appreciates the sculpture or recognizes the artists, but they know what they like and if it’s got a little frivolity to it and fun, then they really like that. And that’s what we’ve got on our waterfront now. And they like that.
And certainly “Cedar Dreams” at Fifth and Main was a wonderful piece to put back in there.” ~ From “Celebrating 50 Years of the Arts in Edmonds” by Darlene McLellan
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