Visual Arts Idea Grants

Many art projects in Edmonds School District classrooms begin with the award of a Visual Arts Idea Grant from Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation (Foundation). Each fall, teachers are invited to apply for financial assistance for visual arts related projects and curriculum based programming.

The Foundation is pleased to be able to provide funding for the visual arts in our community schools. Click the button below to begin your 2018-2019 Visual Arts Idea Grant application.


Do you need to submit a year end grant report? 


Visual arts education in our community remains a major mission of the Foundation. The Visual Arts Idea Grant program has been providing support for visual arts curriculum in K-12 schools since 1994. For this school year $14,000 funded these exciting opportunities for students in our local schools. The success of this Foundation program begins with community support for the annual Edmonds Arts Festival held each Father’s Day Weekend.